From time to time we receive inquiries about using our postings in social media and other professional publications. 
Here is the official stuff: You may reuse sketchwithlight  pictures found in Instagram, facebook and other social media outlets. You are required to retain the watermark. Because of copyrights, the source of the material needs to be disclaimed and giving proper credit the author.

If you would like to purchase a hight resolution in digital format without water mark, the item will be emailed to you in compressed form (.jpg). Each item is USD 40.00. You will be required to follow the disclaimer as noted above. If you would like the raw picture and purchase rights to use, the original, is USD 65.00. Item will be sent via dropbox without any modifications, as taken out of the camera. 
Sketch With Light retains the Author's Copyrights.
Payments via PayPal.

Legal Acknowledgment:

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